We want to thank our mothers!

In Fergana region there is a wonderful tradition - every year, at the Region Mayor’s initiative, the festival named Onalarga Ekhtirom (Respect to Mothers) is held, where mothers are solemnly honored.

This year, at the third festival in a row, the award “For mother of best investors” was presented to Khovakhon Madaminova, the mother of beautiful sons represented by the leaders of Global Textile. We sincerely congratulate Khovakhon Uchkunovna on this award and thank her for raising such wonderful children, worthy sons of their Motherland.

Mother is the dearest and closest person for each of us. She selflessly gives her love, devotes her life to her children and relatives. She rejoices in our successes and always supports in our aspirations.

No wonder they say that heaven lies at the feet of the mother. Please love them, appreciate them, respect them. After all, to see the joy on her face is the biggest motivation for everyone, inspiring new feats and achievements.

We want to thank our mothers!