Organic EU certificate
The Organic EU certificate is one of the most authoritative certifications in the field of organic textiles. It ensures that our textiles are made from organic fibers, eco-friendly, and safe.
OEKOTEX fabric certificate
Knitted fabric made of 100% cotton in mixtures with polyester and elastane in raw, white, reactive and disperce dyed, washed and softener finished.
OEKOTEX Yarn Certificate
Raw yarns made of 100% cotton (provenience Uzbekistan), ring-spun carded and compacted combed.
ISO 9001 Certificate
ISO 9001 is the most popular standard in the world, on the basis of which a quality management system (QMS) is created in an organization with a further possibility of certification.
Usterized Certificate
Usterized - The certificate is only given to spinning mills that test and clean their yarn with Uster instruments and apply the latest quality management techniques, which is a guarantee of the highest quality in the production process.
BSCI Certificate
This system was developed on the basis of labor and occupational safety standards prepared by the International Labor Organization (ILO).
Com4®compact shows great advantages in relation to the process respectively processing speed. The high yarn strength makes the yarn substantially more resistant to the subsequent processes. Low ends down rates in downstream processing, especially in weaving, are recorded. The high tenacity additionally offers potential in high-grade finishing.Every high-grade finishing process adversely affects the fabric strength. If the yarn is inherently strong, the finishing potential can be far better exploited.