OEKOTEX fabric certificate - Knitted fabric made of 100% cotton, raw, white, reactive dyed, washed and silicone softner finished.
OEKOTEX Yarn Certificate - Raw yarns made of 100% (provenience Uzbekistan), carded and compacted combed
ISO 9001 is the most popular standard in the world, on the basis of which a quality management system (QMS) is created in an organization with a further possibility of certification.
Com4 yarn is yarn spun at the end of Rieter spinning machines. They meet the most stringent requirements and ensure competitiveness in a dynamically developing market.
Usterized - The certificate is only given to spinning mills that test and clean their yarn with Uster instruments and apply the latest quality management techniques, which is a guarantee of the highest quality in the production process.
This system was developed on the basis of labor and occupational safety standards prepared by the International Labor Organization (ILO).
SEDEX - is a confirmation of the high level of business of the enterprise, compliance with the requirements of international and national legislation and standards.