Global Textile Solutions Tashkent

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The first start of Global Textile is the GTS plant, which dates back to 2018, when the very first production was launched together with 300 employees for the first time. The factory is based only on the production 100% cotton compactly combed yarn from own-grown cotton.

Fergana Global Textile Fergana

One of the strategically important projects of the company is the launch of the FGT plant, which took place in August 2020. The new factory based in Fergana has created over 1500 new jobs with world class working conditions and workplace safety.The factory produces blended and carded yarns, as well as dyed and printed knitted fabrics on high-quality machines: Rieter, Murata, USTER and other suppliers from Germany, Italy and Turkey. The quality of textile products meets international quality standards.

Global Textile Infinity Fergana

This is the largest of the factories of the Global Textile group of companies, based in Fergana with 3,000 jobs.The factory is focused on the production of 100% cotton blended and carded yarns, as well as gray and dyed knitted fabrics.The new factory is the largest factory in Fergana and surprises both with its production capacity and with a fleet of modern high-tech equipment.

Uchkuprik Global Textile

The Cotton Processing Plant (CPP) is a modern manufacturing facility specializing in the processing of raw cotton into high-quality textile materials. The plant is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and technologies, allowing it to process up to 80,000 tons of raw cotton per year, which translates to approximately 300 tons per day. The CPP aims for high-quality production while adhering to environmental safety and social responsibility standards, and it serves as a reliable partner for raw material suppliers and consumers of finished products in the textile industry.