Inspired towards new achievements

Belief in active and ambitious young people always bears fruit. Today, many young specialists of our company are recognized experts in their sphere.

At the invitation of the Ferghana Polytechnic Institute management, we participated at the international conference. At the event, one of the Fergana Global Textile top managers, Maruf Sabirov, told about our company and the attention we grant to young people. It was noted that our employees is the main value of Global Textile.

The speech of the Global Textile speaker aroused great interest among students, teachers and guests of the event. In particular, Shahzada Nayar Jehan, Professor of the Japanese University of Tohoku University of Community Service and Science, expressed his desire to visit our production facilities.

We are glad that our employees are active not only in their daily business sphere, but also in public life. We are always ready to support them and welcome young and active guys to join our company!

Inspired towards new achievements