"This is the first time we have seen a company of this level and scale"

One of the most uncommon and remarkable tours to Global Textile enterprises was the visit of students from German universities. The tour was organized by the University of Digital Economy and Agrotechnology exclusively for scholarship holders of DAAD (German Academic Exchange Program). 

Our curious guests got familiarized in detail with the cotton-cluster system. The tour route ran through the cotton fields to the production of finished products. With genuine interest, the students kept asking a lot of questions at each location and did not hide their excitement when they got an answer. Together with our specialists, they explored the equipment, looked at the improvements in the fields with the help of the Crop Monitoring system, picked their first box of cotton and determined its weight. 

In the face of our young guests we saw new supporters, who have fallen in love with Uzbekistan, Fergana, the cluster system and Global Textile. We thank them in return and always look forward to visiting them again.

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